i've met my match!

There are lots of reasons why I love Brooklyn Boy. One reason is that he LOVES finding cool furniture and home stuff as much as I do. Recently, he texted me this picture.

He made a stop at our favorite second hand thrift store. I about died when I saw this picture.

Sidenote: When we first started dating, I told him I loved Mid Century Modern furniture. He wasn't so keen on the style at the time. In fact, I think he told me straight that he wasn't a fan of the style. Well, 8 months of dating later, he's the one keeping his eye out for cool Danish pieces and mid century modern finds. Geez, I love this kid.

Anyways, we've kept our eyes peeled for a cool hutch for his kitchen. Low and behold he found it!

Just GUESS how much it was . . .


I'll give you a moment.

So with the purchase of two $4 sleeping bags for the commute home, Brooklyn Boy and his brother came back to the city with quite possibly, the best find ever.

This was the last picture he sent. Look how well he did!!! I about died when I saw this.

Good grief, I have certainly met my match!