Cold Spring!

Last weekend Brooklyn Boy and I, along with a couple friends, ventured North along the Hudson River to Cold Spring, New York. It's a darling river front town with a million antique shops & thrift stores. I've been hearing about this town forevvvver - I was excited to finally see it with my own eyes.

The drive was beautiful!

Oh, and I should mention that Brooklyn Boy's sister is letting us borrow her car for January & February. Let me just tell you . . . IT IS CHANGING OUR LIVES. Seriously, it's an amazing feeling to have other transportation options besides walking (in the cold) and riding with a million of your New York best friends on the subway.  We've been taking advantage of the car as much as we can!

Anyways, our first stop in Cold Spring was brunch.

We looked like tourists the whole time, taking pictures of our silverware and menus :) We're still in the honeymoon stage with our new camera.

After brunch, we strolled down the main street in town. First store we saw had THIS chair in the window. We all loved it. The Navaho (ikatesque) patterned seat was reversible.

I thought this was a clever chalkboard & pegboard display set up! File that away for the future . . .

And here's the group!

It was a very productive trip! I was scouting furniture for an upcoming Nate gig and found a few things I can't wait to show you!!