mr. & mrs. got hitched!

Sister and her fiance got hitched this weekend in Dallas!

Brooklyn Boy and I had the best time being in Dallas with family. It was a little hilarious getting there though. . . I was supposed to fly out Wednesday afternoon, but instead, I got to work Wednesday morning (hauling my very dense carry on bag), obsessively checked my flight (and weather) one more time (impending Nor'easter) and learned my flight was canceled! OHhhmygoodness. Called Southwest, within like 30 seconds I'm talking to an ACTUAL person (praise the Lord for SWA!) and get put on an earlier flight. No bigs. Work was gracious and helpful as always so I booked it out of my office, jumped in a cab, and flew out of La Guardia minutes before the sky unloaded inches of snow!  

After Brooklyn Boy and I made it to Dallas, we were put to work :) I love this part of weddings. The bind-together-and-get-it-done phase. It's usually filled with laughing, Sonic drinks and craft assembling. Yes please. 

I was put on craft / errand / keep the bride calm duty. Brooklyn Boy was put on make everyone laugh hysterically / errand / hang with the groom duty. 

The girls spent most of the time hanging out, snacking and primping. What a treat! The boys played golf, ate Mexican and did group Crossfit :) 

My sister is someone who prefers attention on others, not herself. Considering this was a weekend with ALL the attention on her and the groom - she did just marvelously!! 

She looked beautiful!!! 

Ohhhh the flowers. They were gorgeous. Peach, blush, warm whites made for such a lovely palette in the middle of fall. Junior at Garden Gate did it once again! 

And off they went!! We really did have the best time and we really do love those two!

Happy Wedding Mr. & Mrs.!