Brooklyn Boy and I whipped our apartment into shape this weekend! We've got 13 people (Yes, 13!) attending our (my first time cooking! eek. don't tell the guests!) first Thanksgiving. We're so excited about his family coming in town and want the apartment to feel festive, clean and functional, as we'll be using different areas for multiple things. 

I did a little scavenging at Unique Thrift Store last week with my thriftiest friend, Krista and had a field day over some of the goods I found - like this wreath!

It was $2, or something crazy. Did I mention it was 25% off Thursday at Unique? Yea. 

As per my usual solve, I decided this wreath needed some gold spray paint. Brooklyn Boy was SHOCKED by this. Not. 

I hung it on a frame that sits in our dining room. More pictures to come on that! Last night, I decked our dining room table out with other Unique thrift store DIY projects. 

Besides rearranging our entire apartment, we also hung my simple Give Thanks sign I crafted with supplies I had around the apartment. I used leftover striped bags from Paper Presentation, acrylic paint and rope. Easy as pie. 

We are in full holiday spirit at our house! I think I'm extra inspired since it's our first married Holiday. I almost set up my nativity scene (one of my very favorite wedding gifts) but Brooklyn Boy was laughing at me. So that will be going up Friday thankyouverymuch.  Have you started putting your decorations up??