our table

I keep getting the same piece of advice from all you Thanksgiving Veterans: Set your table WELL in advance. With the help of 2 uber simple DIY craft and lot of knick knacks cool stuff around my house, I set our table!

Yes, you're seeing correctly. A large elk antler, pheasant feathers and two small deer antlers. On our table. That we're going to eat off of. For thanksgiving. Who am I kidding, though, I do like the look :)

I combined a bunch of different dish sets for each table setting. With most home visuals and decor, I love when things feel collected, not right out of the box. 

I mixed my Wedding 'china', if you want to call it that, with thrift store dishes I found in New Jersey. The blue and white Let Them Eat Cake vase, from my mom via Anthropologie, sat on the cake table at our wedding!

It's a truly Hannah Kate Flora table - lots of patterns, lots of textures and a few crafts mingled in there. Only two things I made for the table where the kraft paper runner and the napkins + holders! 

DIY Project #1 - Dinosaur Napkin Holders 

I purchased a pack of 12 plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store and I, wait for it, spray painted them gold. I picked dinosaurs, well, because thats what they had. It's all about doing what you can with what you have, right!

Next I cut 12 rectangles from a huge ream of thrift store fabric with my pinking shears. Probably my favorite pair of scissors. Then using a slender strip of green fabric, I made a loop around my bow tie / fan folded napkins and hot glued the ends together. Last, I hot glued a dinosaur onto the top of each napkin holder. 

DIY Project #2 - Kraft paper table runner

Oh Happy Day posted a kraft paper table runner a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd do one myself! I painted a simple garland pattern using cheapo acrylic paint from Walmart. 

I liked having another layer of texture and pattern on the table. 


So there it is! Mr. & Mrs. Brooklyn Boy's Thanksgiving Table! Have one last grocery run and apartment cleaning before our guests start to arrive. Ohh my!