things you need to know about

Have you been to IKEA lately? Brooklyn Boy and I went to grab a few things on Tuesday night for a clients apartment. Two things to note - Tuesday after work is the most IDEAL time to stop by IKEA. Totally empty. More Hot Dogs & Cinnamon Rolls for us! Second thing to note - I could NOT believe some of the darling (AND cheap!) stuff I ran across. Here are my top favorites. You should go ahead and start the car and let your husband/roommates know you're going to IKEA . . . 


1st: Margareta Rug - 4x6 rug for $39.99 So festive! But could totally be year round. 

2nd - Bild Poster - 19 x 27 inches for $10 Great color!! 

3rd - Sibbared Poster 35 x 47 for $19.99 LOVED this poster!!

4th - Strala Pendant Lamp - $14.99 These things are HUGE! And don't necessarily need to just be for Christmas decor . . . 


Thats all really. I wanted to buy ALL of these things, but didn't :) My Dave Ramsey envelope budget is relieved.