remember when I broke the kitchen table?

So there was this one time, when I was standing on Brooklyn Boy's kitchen table with a twin head board in one hand and a staple gun in the other. I was just doing some minor fabric pulling & stapling when the table started crumbling below me. Like, ugly, piece by piece, wood cracking, me slowly falling into some sort of a lunge / split, and Brooklyn Boy there to catch (laugh at) me.

It's no big deal. I mean, hello, I was totally starting the honeymoon diet plan the next day :) And it was an old table. Really old. And second hand. So there.

 The table crumbling incident provided us the perfect opportunity to build a new kitchen table. So we stopped by (in our car. because we have a car this month. and it's changing our lives. because people don't have cars in new york. and now we want a car) Meeker Avenue Antiques. We weren't totally sure what kind of table we were going to make, but KNEW the second we saw this piece, we needed this as a base. It's a custom made iron base. I found it stashed in a back corner. 

Then we drove to Astoria to our favorite place for raw materials and second hand goods, Build it Green. Their site says it best, they are New York City's only non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials. It's like I say, everything has a purpose! Even old shutters and door frames from historical New York buildings. 

We decided on the wood and had it cut down to 3 planks. Brooklyn boy joined them with a 2x4 from underneath.

 We sanded . . .

Removed nails . . . 

And then gave our table a serious rub down with Tung Oil. It came under the recommendation from Ellis, a guy at Build It Green. I've got to say, this stuff is amazing!! Totally toxic (so be careful) but the rich finish is well worth the sweaty face masks and pungent stench! 

After one more sand & layer of Tung Oil, we were done! With the 2x4's underneath, our 3 plank table top fit like a glove into the rectangular frame.

Here's our finished product!

Ohhhhh and we made a bench too :) Did I mention we LOVE projects?

I laugh thinking about the PROJECTS line item we'll need in our married budget - forget shopping and fancy dinners! Just give us DIY projects!!! Haha. Ok, not really. But kinda. 

We'll probably adjust the width of the piping, the bench is a little teeter tottery, but we LOVE it!

So that's it! Our past 2 weekends came in the form of a totally hand made table and bench!

What do you think?