Wednesday Memo

Quick update for you! We're officially less then 2 months away from the wedding. Things have been biiiiiiizy! Trips to Dallas (Pictures to come), Bachelorette Party in Florida (Post to come) and a weekend in the Hamptons with good friends (picture above!), My twitter got hacked, I'm officially starting to box my stuff up, I'm moving out of my apartment of 4 years in 2 weeks AHHHH and living in some friends 2nd bedroom in Brooklyn as we transition my stuff to my new borough, I'm ordering things (napkins, Bridesmaid shoes, fabric) online like it's my job, I've pretty much stopped blogging, I want to focus on the blog and fun DIY project, but I just can't manage it this very moment, and thats OK! Final 2 Nate segments are airing May 14th & 24th (I'll be honeymooning), Oh did I tell you? Brooklyn Boy won't tell me where we're going on our honeymoon, its a surprise! Thats about all for the random stream of consciousness. Back to my real job!!!!