oh sweet sweet routine

Brooklyn Boy's attire this morning :)

Since moving to Brooklyn, I've realized something . . . I. Love. Routine.

Brooklyn Boy and I live a mere 3 blocks away from each other - quite a treat after reading my way through the hour subway ride I had gotten so used to. 

With out late nights and long commutes, our bed times have leveled out considerably. I'm realizing . . .  We are at our best in the mornings! Each morning this week we've met at a cafe in between our apartments for coffee. We get it to go, and walk the short distance to the F train. We excitedly talk about wedding details and Brooklyn Boy's new job.  Before I know it, we're at the West 4th station where I switch trains. With a quick kiss and a cheers of our cups, we part ways. And that, my friends, is the routine I love. 

Welcome to Brooklyn y'all.