surprise honeymoon :)


 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Dominican Countryside

Did I tell you that Brooklyn Boy planned our honeymoon and never told me where we were going? It became this fun game of me constantly exclaiming "Come on! Just give me one hint!!!" and him making up some hint that would send me searching through google maps of the Caribbean. 

Truth is, I LOVED not knowing. It was one less thing for me to plan and think about and lets be honest, I was in very capable hands :) Remember this surprise plan??!!

The big question was, When the heck is he going to tell me?! 

Turns out, after we were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Brooklyn Boy and recessed out of the sanctuary, I turned to him and said WE'RE MARRIED!!!! And he responded with "WE'RE GOING TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!!"

I had no idea we were going there and NO idea he was going to tell me right then and there. 

Call me a control / plan freak. But I LOVE surprises from this kid :)