honeymoon in iphone pics

I've got a LOT to tell you about, but I can't seem to do it in order. Hope you don't mind a scattered and random recollection of the past few months!

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Yall have been unbelievable sweet and encouraging! So glad everyones enjoying the giveaway :)

Today's Recollection via iphone pics: The Honeymoon!

Here's the rundown of our lovely honeymoon in the Dominican Republic: Lots of bottled water, all inclusive, comfy lounge chairs lining the pool and beach, delightful waiters armed with drinks at all times, obsessing over our new kindles, lots of honeymooners, lizards everywhere, beautiful weather, lots of laughing, overdoing it on the sunscreen (I mean, a LITTLE burn would have been ok, but no, I was waaay too dilligent), really large frizzy curly hair (on my part), an excurision to the caribbean side that turned into a booze 'festive' cruise with a WIDE variety of people (we steered clear of the booze and the crazies and just enjoyed the stunning scenery), fresh seafood, a couples massage (first time and I loved it!), monopoly and wine in the lobby one night, reliving every detail of the wedding, zipling through the mountains and so much fun talking and dreaming together. 

I still feel full and thankful for that honeymoon! Holy cow that week blessed our lives!