We have this idea . . .

 One of our weekend finds

Brooklyn Boy and I have been dreaming about opening up a shop one day. Our shop would be full of repurposed, reclaimed and found pieces from all over the place.  We're not really sure how to make this happen. Or if its even a good idea. We just know this is something that strikes a chord in both of us. Don't get me wrong, buying new is SUPER fun, says the newlywed over here. But overall, we love finding pieces with a story and believe everything has a purpose!

This past weekend was our attempt in making a first step towards this dream. We decided to invest a little bit of cash into finding and repurposing furniture with the intent of making it available for purchase. 

So what did we do? We rented a Uhaul van and scoured Pennsylvania and New Jersey for pieces with potential and in need of a facelift. Oh man, we were so excited! 

Sadly, our Saturday morning 7am coffee buzz and antique excitement quickly wore off as we continued to find weird HUGE dollar store like outdoor flea market situations. It. Was. Crazy. I can buy shampoo and trinkets at Target thank you very much.

We drove into the parking lot of one potential antique fair and didn't even stop the car it was so bad. Brooklyn Boy said hello to the lady directing parking and then waved, as he U-turned, and said "Ok, we'll we're going to take off." I got soooo tickled. Maybe it was because prior to the 'drive by' we had followed signs to a "HUGE FLEA MARKET", pulled into a church parking lot and looked through 3 plastic folding tables of junk. I mean, it was pitiful!! And false advertising! Oh my, I'm laughing as I write about this.

The day was almost a total bust. That was until we made it to Englishtown. This little New Jersey town redeemed our ENTIRE day. We found a place called Englishtown Antiques - it was about the size of a Tuesday Morning. (I realize that is THE most random size comparison, but it's the only one I could think of.) The place was filled to the brim with stacks of furniture, plates, frames, house ware items, fabric, and much more. We had to take a snack break (confession: we had a snickers. and a twix) midway through the scavenging because there was SO much to see and gather. It was a total hit and we left with a handful of pieces we love. 

All pieces were handpicked with the criteria of 'Could this live in our house? Do we love this?" Character and potential were also non-negotiables. And of course, all pieces are in need of some repurposing. (That's the fun part!)

All this to say, we have 8 pieces that will be for sale later this month via the blog and our Etsy shop. Details to come. 

Friends, it's time to give it a go. Don't you think?