first comes love, then comes marriage

I'm beyond excited to show you images from the wedding weekend! As you might remember Jessica Rawlings, one of my dearest friends, shot our wedding weekend. It seriously blessed my life to have close friend Jess, who's always cool and sweet to be around, but just high strung enough (and I mean that in a very good way) to manage being a friend & a very on task photographer at the same time. That's a complicated dual identity if you ask me! Of course, though, she handled the weekend with total grace and ease.  See her full capture of Friday here

First Up: Manicure / Pedicure Party on Friday Morning. To give you some context, I've been a bridesmaid in 12 weddings. Yes 12! (But this is somewhat normal, not only in the south, but within my group of college friends). After being in so many, you quickly figure out what your non-negotiables are and how to make the wedding weekend best for your people. Cause lets not forget, those people (my people!) are the ones that helped shape me into the person that was a match for Brooklyn Boy.  So it was important to me that they felt special!

The morning was amazing. Our darling hosts (Ashley, a sweet Plano friend of my mom's, Gail, a New York mom friend who has known me since I was a minute old and runs this studio in Manhattan, and a lifelong Dallas mom friend who is married to my dad's best friend.) rented out a salon. Relaxing & Chatty were the two words that would best describe it.

Fun little snacks and drinks adorably arranged by the precious women who hosted the party. This was the perfect start to our day! 

Next up: Bridesmaid Lunch 

This was hosted by my mom's fabulous and crafty sister Amy, my sweet and spunky West Texas grandmother, and one of my mom's oldest and dearest friends Terri. My mom and Terri met their first day of Southwest Airline Flight Attendant training some 20 plus years ago. They've been friends ever since! Guess hot pants and go go boots really bond people ;) 

These ladies have SUCH a knack for hosting and presentation. Not only was the house just ridden with beautiful details and hearty texture, but everything was crafted ever so intentionally.  There were succulents and asparagus wrapped herbs and fruit skewers for our Skinny Girl Sangria . . . 

The. Food. Was. DELICIOUS. 

And here they are! All the bridesmaids and houseparty. Cute bunch, hu?

Then we have mom and sis on the left and our lovely hosts on the right! I wanted to give the girls something cute and functional, and I'm not talking towel wraps. We gifted them men's oxford shirts with large girly monograms on the front pocket. I'm sure I saw it on pinterest somewhere. You'll see these shirts more on the wedding day!

Next was the rehearsal at the church I grew up in, which was surreal and wonderful. All of Friday was really special and fun, but I will say, I think I underestimated how TIRED I'd be and that I would feel a little disconnected from Brooklyn Boy. I don't want to sound dramatic - It was just a unique feeling - being in Dallas, my home town, running a million last minute errands with my mom and sister to wrap up lose ends, (Dad was running his own set of thankless errands we demanded of him - sweet dad) and to KNOW that Brooklyn Boy was there, hosting all of our out of town guests and family at the hotel and running his own set of last minute errands. Just funny, you know! 

Oh dad. He was cracking me up alllll the way down the aisle. Think Steve Martin from Father of the Bride.

"I've got the greatest idea. We could have the wedding at the Steak Pit!!" 

I love these pictures. Last night of being fiance-d! 

Lastly, was the Rehearsal Dinner at La Hacienda Ranch, a big fun Tex Mex place decked out in ranch country goodness. Brooklyn Boy's parents (who are the sweetest people) did a marvelous job with this and put together adorable name tags, cow print gift bags and rustic country flower arrangements for the event. 

We ate and drank and watched a sweet video filled with baby pictures of the two of us. Friends and families told stories and gave toasts - it was such a great night. 

Here are my sweet 13auburnfriends from college! Just missing dear Melanie who's living in Hong Kong with her husband. 

And that wraps up Friday before the wedding! Time to get married! Until the next post y'all :)

Full post of all the fabulous photography here