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We freeze strawberry's & bananas at night and have started making smoothies in the morning. Hence the red solo cup this morning at 8am. Didn't want you getting the wrong idea.


Originating in the mid-50’s, the term DIY expresses taking on a project without the aid of professional help.


If Wiki is right, what’s happened over the last 50 years? While there is a fierce blog movement to DIY your life, in general, why have people stopped fixing their own roofs and repairing their old beat up tables. Did construction become really complicated or did people just stop teaching their kids ‘how to’ projects? My dad told me something very interesting a few years back. He said, during his lifetime he's seen people switch from wanting to save money by taking the time to fix something to wanting to save time by paying money to get something fixed.

Interesting. Does a DIY project just insinuate that someone has taken the time to fix something themselves?

Perhaps more than we think.

- Brooklyn Boy