west village apartment recap

Finally! Our West Village Apartment Refresh before and afters :)

Bet you thought you'd never see these! 

Here we go. Disclaimer to this project is that it's a REFRESH. No demo. No architectural designing. Our assignment was to use the existing good bones in the current apartment, heavily supplement with intentional and interesting pieces, and tie the apartment together in a cohesive, warm and styled way.

Lets start with the bathroom. Here's the BEFORE -

Hey Brooklyn Boy!

And here's the AFTER. Using a pint of paint, new storage and towels - the bathroom took quite a turn towards clean and simple! Ignore the missing light bulb :) 

Onto the upstairs bedroom! This apartment is super interesting - it's 3 levels. So the bedroom is actually a massive sleeping loft. We change the orientation of the room completely to make it much more functional and adult feeling. 

Bedroom BEFORE -

Bedroom / Desk AFTER!

As you can see, we moved the bed and placed a new desk and chair here. You'll understand the context of the room more by taking a look at the next picture - originally, she had a desk in a nook toward the back of the room. 

Bedroom BEFORE -

We instead, put the bed snuggly in the nook. We used a West Elm headboard, Home Depot chandelier and most of the bedding she already owned. (We just flipped the duvet over!) 

Here's the full bedroom! Feels much more grown up. 

Now, onto my favorite part. Her MASSIVE living room space. This was technically the 2nd floor and housed huge windows, a living space, bar area and dining spot. Here's the living room BEFORE - 

One more before shot. But hold on. Just want to FYI you that the AFTER is definitely a change, but at a first glance you'll think "Wait, what's different?". We left almost all the furniture where it was. We felt the current spacial arrangement served the space best. Keep that in mind as you move to the AFTER - 

Ta Da! Living Room After! 

We brought curtains to all the windows, an appropriately sized area rug, pillows, recovered the wingback (more on that in a sec), decked out the dining area and consolidated a lot of the 'stuff' around the place.

Oops. Iphone picture. But I wanted you to see the cofee table!

FYI Hannah's Dream Job - Producing reupholstery projects! I love pairing fabric with furniture. Gosh so fun.

Anyways, our client had a wing back chair that had been passed down in her family. This was a perfect reupholstery project. Chair before - 

Testing out our fabric from Mood - it's a map!!

And the finished product! So happy with how it turned out. 

Brooklyn Boy and I get such a kick out of styling the bar area. We knew this was an area we wanted to spruce up for our client.

We found this crate + singer base as an antique/flea/thrift store in Connecticut. Doesn't feel as clunky and heavy as the prior piece, and I think the signer sewing base is interesting! 

Next Up - The dining table. If you remember from the picture below, our client had a round wood table and 4 wood chairs. WHAT an opportunity to do something different. So we did . . .

4 vintage metal chairs, an oversized hanging pendant shade and a cowhide rug made for quite a change! I love when one space can contain multiple areas and environments. This is a great example of exactly that.

This West Elm pendant was on sale - it has such a modern / tribal look. 

Love these chairs :) 




 That about wraps it up! I have a few kitchen pictures to share later on! Hope you like the refresh!