iphone picture round up

Back from the holidays! How were yours? We covered Houston, Dallas, Tulsa and Dallas again. We had a ball! Now mom and dad are in town for my old roommates wedding tomorrow - we don't stop around here :) 

In hopes of catching up, here's my round up of the pre Christmas Design & DIY festivities . . .

1 - Hester Street Fair DIY Workshop

DIY last minute sign made of an IKEA tray and chalkboard paint! But that wasn't the actual craft! That was just me trying to get out the door that morning. One day I'll tell you about Brooklyn Boy and I setting up the miter saw in our apartment hallway because it was raining and we had to cut all this d*mn wood and then coincidentally being sick over the next week because of all the saw dust hiding in our apartment . . . 

We made simple wood frames using old rustic wood, plexi glass, upholstery nail head and paint. Not only did they turn out cute, but we had a lovely turn out of New Yorkers! 

2 - theknot.com DIY Wedding Webisodes

We filmed 6 different DIY wedding related projects. They'll be airing as online webisodes sometime this winter. I'll keep ya' posted. Theknot.com ladies were great and their offices were super mod and clean. Loved it. 

3 - West Village Apartment Install

Apologies for the iphone pics here! Haven't had time to right a proper post on this. So hopefully my grainy instagram pics will seem cool and not so bush league :) 

Brooklyn Boy and I totally redid our clients West Village apartment. She gave us plenty of room to stretch our creative legs and let me tell you - we loved working on this project. Take note of that map fabric on the wingback!! 

Antique Toledo Stools + Rustic table on casters

That's the roundup for now! More to come, as always. Happy Thursday! 


All projects made possible by Brooklyn Boy. Seriously.