real life

If you've been around the blog for a little bit, you may know that I always like to have a few irons in the fire. When I'm not working full time as a producer at an Ad Agency in the city, I'm designing + styling for clients and doing DIY segments. I loooove a full plate. But it can absolutely get the best of me. And quickly. Lets be real. Just last Sunday, Brooklyn Boy and I were on our way home from a great dinner with friends and I burst into tears just thinking about the upcoming week. Ha! We can't hold it together all the time people. 

Thankfully though, everything seems to be in a decent place right now. So, while we have not perfected our process quite yet, I thought I'd give you a peek of what life has looked like lately: 

DAY JOB . . .


consultations with design clients

filming DIY segments at and

moodboards galore for clients (its just a small part of the proposals we put together)

and an install coming up before I know it!

Just a peek at what's going on in our hood. A very limited peek actually. I should really show you pictures of the piles of clothes and 'action items' (as my sister calls them) sitting around our house!

Here's to a very normal, lovely and imperfect Thursday!