college reunion

Last weekend, all of my close friends from college got together for a reunion at the beach. It's an annual occasion. Technically speaking, this is our 10 year anniversary from when we all met freshman year of college at Auburn! If that doesn't make you feel old . . .

We spent the weekend talking, eating, walking, laughing, eating, drinking, laying out, eating and laughing as we fell asleep in our bunk rooms. It was the best.

So, I thought I should give you a very brief introduction to some of my favorite people.

Here they are. Complete with pictures we've taken over the years!

Leigh. LeighAnn. Jana. Anne. Jess. Me. Mary Brantley. Laura. Mel. Turner. Erin. Ivy. Kim

1 mom of three. 1 graphic designer. 1 history teacher. 1 education fundraiser. 1 photographer. 1 blogger. 1 healthy workerouter. 1 nutritionist / cake baker. 1 Hong Kong dweller. 1 young lifer. 1 singer. 1 children's minister. 1 small town girl.

We represent: Birmingham, Alabama. St. Petersburg, Florida. Nashville, Tennessee. Dallas, Texas. Brooklyn, New York. New York City, New York. Atlanta, Georgia.  

This was when our friend Mel was living in Hong Kong. We skyped her in! 

And I think Turner is wearing a back brace here. She fell off a horse this one time. 

And here we are most recently. We have 3 babies in the group so far and SIX on the way. Sometimes I can't believe these are my friends. Love em! Wish we could go back to the beach . . .  and freshman year!