PSA: the pressure

This is a Public Service Announcement.

Why do we always feel like we're under pressure? Pressure to get to work earlier? Pressure to work out more. Pressure to blog more. Pressure to get married.  Pressure. Pressure. Pressure. Gross.

Brooklyn Boy and I have been thinking and praying this a lot lately. I finally feel that truth beginning to shift my perspective. Shifting it away from the pressure to go/do/be more. 

So as I return to blogging after oh.... a week or two of not blogging, yikes! don't shoot me!, I'm coming as I am. I do have fun stuff to show you, two installs, a baby shower for a dear Brooklyn friend, a blog redo and even some DIY, but right now there's just not time to do it all, and to do it well.  I know that's a common reality for so many of us :) Heck, I may even be preaching to the choir on this! 

That's really it. Just wanted you to hear where I'm coming from. Hope you stick around! There's more to come :)