Jane Street Apartment Redo

A few weeks ago I completed a full apartment redo of a darling client in the West Village. She lives in an up to date one bedroom in a great area! She had a distinct style and idea for the apartment: feminine, modern, romantic, cohesive, bright and creamy color palette and lovely. I loved her direction for the apartment, and found it to be a fun opportunity to stretch my personal taste in a different direction. 

Today, I'm just going to focus on the living room. Here are a few before pictures:

She had a lot of great furniture to start with - which helped our process. She was really hoping for something dramatic over the couch, as well as additional pillows. In general, she wanted her apartment to feel more complete.

TV / Entertainment wall before. 

And a side view of the built in book shelves and tv area.

My goal for the apartment was to make it feel approachable, lovely, feminine and complete! Bringing in flowers was also an important part, as my client lovesss flowers. So I brought in the wonderful (and fellow Auburn tiger!) Leeann Ricky. She is an uber talented full time corporate interior design / part time floral stylist. She creates the most beautiful and organic arrangements. And I knew she'd have just the eye for such a dainty/white/gold/girl space.  Here she is in action!

Which brings us to the AFTER's!! Always the best part in these types of posts . . . 

Here is the broad view of the living room after the refresh - 

Using simple Pottery Barn gallery frames and $5 Wallpaper samples from Hygge & West , we created a large scale gallery. 

Added some blush ikat pillows to her existing pillows.

Brought in coffee table books, interesting knick knacks and a large tray to spruce up the coffee table. Layering was the key.

Here are the spectacular flowers Leeanne created! 

They were gorgeousssss!

The TV wall was something I really wanted to revamp. We brought in a rod iron console table and layered mirrored gallery frames along the sides of the tv. We'll actually be adding more gallery frames to this wall to amp up the impact. 

More flowers. Couldn't help myself.

 And the living room from the other view! Stay tuned for the bedroom reveal, for some major changes!!