DIY Nautical Lamps + the Liza Oz Show

Yesterday, I had a fun opportunity to lead a DIY project segment on the Lisa Oz show. Her show is on the lifestyle and wellness channel, Viera, and features a variety of lifestyle topics and guests. I was thrilled to be asked on! The producers and I decided on a super simple and impactful DIY project - a lamp shade + base! 

Here's what you'll need: 

- existing lamp base + lamp shade (think thrift store / grandmothers attic / garage sale)

- rope

- fabric 

- hot glue gun + hot glue

- scissors

I found these lamps at the Hell's Kitchen Housing Works - ignore that price tag! I paid way less then that. The shape of these lamps was perfect for the project - 

Here are my main materials: shade, base, fabric (leftover from my DIY headboard) and rope.

First, clean off the existing lamp base. Hot glue the rope to the bottom of the base as you slowly wind the rope around the base.

Adhere the rope to the base with hot glue every 7-10 inches.

Repeat until you get to the top of the lamp base and securely hot glue the finishing edge. 

Once you're done with the base, it's time for the shade! First, pick out fabric you'd like to cover your shade with. Cut the fabric down to the approximate circumference of the shade. I actually found it easier to use two pieces of fabric, rather then wrapping the shade in one large piece. Wrap the fabric around the shade, using clothespins to temporarily hold in place. Check to make sure your pattern looks right.

Once your fabric is arranged, start making your way around the rim, folding the fabric over, making a nice edge and hot gluing to the inside rim of the shade. 

Once the top rim is done, move to the bottom, repeating the same steps. (Ignore my unfinished edge!) You could easily add trim or detail to the rim too! 

Done! Pretty painless, hu? Here's the finished lamp: 

And here's the darling Lisa Oz and our finished DIY lamp. Thanks for having me!

I'll let you know when the segment airs!