one year later - part 2

And onto the ceremony! 

This is my mom about to walk down the aisle. She found some fabric she liked and had a girl on Etsy MAKE that skirt for her - pockets and all! Talk about clever!

Here's Tom Sellek or John Stossle my dad! We were giddy all the way down the aisle.

I do. I do. Kiss. Bam. Married!

It's about 90 seconds after these pictures (below) were taken when Brooklyn Boy finally told me where we were going on our honeymoon! Dominican Republic! 

Naturally we broke out into an impromptu dance party immediately following the ceremony.

Now our getaway car. My dad is long time friends with Don, who has a small collection of fabulous cars and gigantic longhorns :) It was a done deal the second Brooklyn Boy heard Rolls Royce and longhorns in the same sentence. So off we went in true Texas style. 

We had our reception at Patrizio's, a long time family favorite restaurant of ours! It was an unconventional option that I'd always had in the back of my mind. We didn't seriously consider it, though, until we decided to swap wedding dates and venues early in the game. Thankfully, Patrizio's was interested and available in hosting our reception which was HUGE, considering they'd never housed a wedding reception! 

For our wedding, I wanted the ceremony to feel reverent and the reception to be a PARTY! We decided to nix some of the traditional wedding things (garter/bouquet toss, cutting the cake, speeches) to keep the momentum of the night moving. 

All of our flower details were done by Junior at Garden Gate, who I just loved. 

We had a variety of small and medium sized cakes provided by Chocolate Angel, a bakery in Plano.  Lots of different flavors, all delicious! 

Walking into our reception was certainly surreal! 

What had upbeat first dances and father/daughter + mother/son dances. 

And we danced the night away!! Some of our dear friends from Brooklyn took care of music for us and legitimately played the night away! 

There was a beautiful patio strung with very Father of the Bride lights. It was a great spot for cooling off or traking a break from the crazy dance party happening inside.

I think we were singing Jay Z's New York at this point . . .  The music that night was out of this world. Brooklyn Boy and I just danced and danced and danced!!

Sweet friends came from all over the place! 

I'm getting so tickled just looking at these pictures.

And before we knew it, it was time to leave!

I think Brooklyn Boy and I would agree - we felt present, thankful and overwhelmed with our precious family and friends that night. They made that whole experience for us! 

While nothing is ever perfect, there isn't one thing I'd change about that whole weekend. To us, it was just the best. 

Thanks for reading the recap! Sorry it was a year late :_