fridays are for diy projects & giveaways!

Hello Hello!! Sorry for my radio silence this week, I'm just back from a quickie work trip to Miami. Aside from it raining almost the entire shoot day, it was a great trip. And the warm weather made it feel like vacation. What a treat. Brooklyn Boy and I thought about making a weekend of it, but he decided to be all responsible and selfless and instead, stayed in the city to help produce/host an event for one of our favorite non-profits, A House on Beekman. What a pip squeak that Brooklyn Boy.

Anyways. I know you're probably feeling maxed out with all these DIY videos, but I've got 3 left to share with you. Home stretch! You can totally make it!

Today - we're talking about making your own artwork. I would deck my walls with prints and paintings if I had the funds, but one of a kind artwork can get expensive! This is an easy way to spruce up a bare wall or even make/give a personalized gift. 

Here's what you need:

Existing artwork / canvas / print

Sticky Letters (usually used to label mailboxes / boats (yes, I said boats, that's always the picture on the packaging! labeling your giant boat! anyways.))

Paint - Great time to use paint you already have or a new paint sample color

Here's the full How-To featured by the lovely folks at The Nest

See, super simple right? 

Here's where you come in - I'm giving away the finished product to a reader. Just post a comment on this post by next Wednesday at 5pm EST. Winner will be announced on Friday! And then bam! diy art at your doorstep!  Ready go!