I'm working with a client good friend right now who is trying to get that 'finished' look for her newlywed apartment in Tribeca. She and her husband have great taste and have already covered off on all the big purchases. So the bones are there, which is often the hardest part. 

A big focus of mine will the bare walls! Finding frames and art and well, just about anything, to cover your walls can be daunting.  Recently, I used $5 wallpaper samples and large frames from Pottery Barn in this apartment  to fill the large wall behind a clients sofa. Easy solution right? 

Well this morning, I was roaming around the Mark & Graham site, wondering what Brooklyn Boy would think about adding more monograms to our life, and stumbled upon a few sets of darling paper placemates (set of 50) for under $20. Then I thought, these are too cute to just be placemats, what if I framed them? Wow, my train of thought is mind blowing . . . not. 

I would buy a set of placemats and 3 - 10 frames to create some serious repetition on a major wall. These are my picks:

Crab PaperLee Gallery Frame 

Gold ChevronGilt Oversized Frame

The framing will always be more expensive then wallpaper, placemats and wrapping paper, but you can also find thriftier options at places like IKEA and Target!