9A Then & Now

This past weekend, Brooklyn Boy and I made the quick drive down to Potomac, Maryland to see the last of my 4 original roommates from 9A get married! All 4 original roommates and their now husbands made it to the wedding! 

It's hard to even describe what it was like to live in our Upper West Side's 9A apartment, with these girls. To say the least, it was fun, hilarious, filled with baking and talking and Bachelorette watching, 1 shared bathroom, a kitchen always stocked with ingredients for dump cake, spotted with trips to visit family in DC, lots of time at the beach, Monday night Bible Study, a little write up about our apartment, and Joe, our delightfully pushy Yugoslavian super who was always worried we'd never get married . . . . If only Joe knew!

Taken in front of the sketch NJ motel we stayed in one summer - it was on the beach! 

Potomac, Maryland.

Eating banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery. 

And here we are this weekend past at Emily's wedding! 4 years later!

Love these girls and loved seeing them this weekend! To think what can happen over the course of a few years . . .