ogt work in progress

OGT chalkboard WIP from hannah villio on Vimeo.

Brooklyn Boy and I have been spending most of our free time after work helping our friends at Olde Good Things style their new flagship Madison Avenue store for opening. We love this store - they carry antiques, vintage goods, mantles, chandeliers, altered antiques and way more. They are an amazing source for unique home goods both in the city and in LA.

A few weeks ago we were brought in to help with the layout, styling and windows. First, we focused on their six huge main windows that look onto Madison and 32nd street. We had a ball doing this. Typically, I'd direct Brooklyn Boy from the outside to 'move that 200 pound expensive gild mirror just another tiny inch to the left, a little more, a little more, TOO MUCH, go back, no wait, um, ok good!" as I sipped my Big Gulp Diet Coke from outside the window on the street. 

Once the windows were complete, we got to working on the actual layout as well as visual concepting for a few areas of the store. Something we wanted from the get go was a giant chalkboard wall. The guys combined 4 vintage schoolroom chalkboards and added wood trim to make a very large board above the register. I've somehow been assigned the daunting task of doing the artwork. No pressure, it's only 8 feet by 10 feet wide and the main focal point when you first walk in from the store from 32nd street . . . At least I was a painting major! Surely, something I learned those 4 years will come in handy . . . right?

A few grainy iphone pictures for ya!


English Window

Wood plank wall concepted by Brooklyn Boy, he's so good

A view of the Madison window

Oh goodness.

Can't stress HOW MUCH this is a work in progress. Don't judge!