easiest way to hang a gallery wall

I'm helping one of my close friends put final touches on her newlywed apartment in Tribeca. She and her husband did a great job getting all of the large basics in place. Now I get to come in for the really fun part and am helping with her empty walls and styling. This past weekend we rented a Zip Car and went running all over suburban New Jersey to pick up supplies. Driving a zip car from errand to errand is immensely easier then schlepping your stuff between taxis in Manhattan. You southerners and suburbanites (me!) living in the city know what I mean! Oh. But don't be late returning your zip car or people get very fiesty and you get charged an arm and a leg. Not like I know from last Saturday experience or anything.

Anyways, we stopped at a giant West Elm and picked out six matching 18 x 18 mirrored frames for a gallery wall going in her dining room. Y'all, do you know how easy West Elm, and Pottery Barn, make it to hang frames? They provide a template that makes a potentially frustrating and cuss worthy situation into no big deal! To be honest, I've thrown them away in the past, thinking I was too good for the hot pink paper template. But never again after the ease of last night's installation!

Here are the steps:

1. Tape templates into place (I'm an eyeballer when it comes to these things) // 2. Check spacing and orientation with a tape measure and level // 3. Hammer nails into small bullseyes provided on the template // 4. Hang frames! 

Geez louise that was easy. Thanks West Elm for being ahead of us on that one! You so smart. 

*This post is not sponsored by West Elm or Pottery Barn. I just love tools that help you work smarter, not harder as Brooklyn Boy always says :)