Street Merch Tuesday


Street Merch is one of the reasons I originally started this blog. I kept finding left behind furniture on the streets of New York, in fairly good condition. I would grab it, take it home and spruce it up with fresh paint and even the occasional seat reupholstery. Over the past year, though, I haven't seen anything very interesting - just the normal disassembled bunk beds, mattresses in bags (gross) and piles of books.

But last week, I walked by a Bar Cart reminiscent of  this bar cart from a few years ago! It looks TOTALLY creepy in that pile of trash, but it had good bones! Don't worry, I didn't take it with me, I just wanted to show you that there are still things to be found on the city side walks.

Happy merching!

**Due to an insane work (my 9-5) schedule over the next few weeks, my posting may be sporatic! But will try my best :) LYLAS