thank you note magic

Thank you notes are kind of magical to me. Mainly for two reasons:

1. Thank you notes force you to be thankful. Now you may think force is a harsh word, but I constantly forget to be thankful and need to be forced sometimes! When I forget to be thankful, before I know it, I'm down a rabbit trail of unmet expectations and selfishness. Practicing thankfullness gives me an opportunity to pause and reasses my (often totally wack) perspective. 

2. I LOVE printed pieces. Stationary, place cards, thank you notes - there will always be something special about tangible pieces printed beautifully! Crafting our wedding invitations with my friend/designer LeighAnn was one of my favorite parts of my entire wedding planning experience. Now-a-days, you can find fabulous options all over the place. Sugar Paper LA houses some of my favorite thank you note options! I'm delighted to have randomly stumbled upon the Sugar Paper LA gals on instagram a few months ago. I now covet everything (including the notes above) those girls produce thankyouverymuch! 

All this to say, after last weeks birthday celebration (I turned 28!), I plan to camp out tonight and get to writing those thank you notes!