things people say when you're pregnant

I haven't written much about being pregnant. Probably because it's been fairly (thankfully) uneventful. If you discount the ankle breaking taxi accident when I was 5 weeks pregnant, it's really been just plain boring! Which I will gladly take! Here's how things are looking at the moment - 

A few baby bump progress pictures . . . 

A few baby bump progress pictures . . . 

One of my biggest observations through the whole experience is how much of a conversation starter being pregnant is. Who knew! I'm constantly approached by pedestrians, flight attendants, colleagues, and just plain random people. I haven't been approached with too much inappropriate tummy rubbing, but rather, hilarious comments from just about everyone.  In general, people are kind and well intended, but when you take their comments out of context, they can sound a little 'bless their heart' ridiculous. Here are a few of the most interesting things I've heard since being pregnant and some simple rewording that would make the comments way less weird - 

Actual Question Asked: Have you started gaining weight yet? 

Let's try that again: You look great! Have noticed anything different yet?


Actual Question Asked: Do you have stretch marks? 

Let's try that again: You look great! I'll have to get you the lotion I loved when I was pregnant. 


Actual Comment Made: Wow you're really gaining a lot of weight in that one area! (Attempted pregnancy joke. Always a fail)

Let's try that again: You look great! 


Actual Conversation that happened today:

Lady in bathroom: How far along are you?

Me: 35 Weeks

Lady in bathroom: Wow (looking at my stomach). You're really small. (Not talking about my whole figure. Just my tummy.)

Me: Thanks! Everyone wears it differently.

Lady in bathroom: I guess so!

Let's try that again: 35 weeks? You look great!  THE END.


Basically, the rule of thumb is to always compliment a pregnant person - even if it's not that accurate. I promise the pregnant person doesn't really care. As wonderful and magical as being pregnant is, having a little person growing inside your tummy is also really weird! We just want to feel normal and like ourselves. Compliments help :)