DIY Lovin'

In case you missed it, here was last weeks Nate Berkus episode I participated in!

It was my MOST favorite episode :) Biggest challenge, biggest budget and BEST pay off at the end. Literally :)

Take a look if you have a chance!

I'll follow up with behind the scenes pictures and scoop soon! Can't wait for you to see those pictures before . . .

Don't miss the Showdown!

Hello all! 

Since Hannah and Brooklyn Boy are on their HONEYMOON she gave me the opportunity to post.  Don’t miss the Nate Berkus show today.  It's an All-Star DIY Showdown, and I’m confident it’s going to be good!

And, don’t you worry.  I’m pretty sure Hannah will give you a play by play of the wedding.  It was absolutely perfect in every way.  The weekend was packed full of Tex-Mex, dancing, trendy Brooklynites, sweet Alabama accents and love for the newlyweds.  How's that for a teaser?

With a set DVR,

Ivy, one of Hannah’s biggest fans

well this is fun!

So my second Nate segment aired today. Its just so fun, surreal, hilarious, weird, great, etc. It's kinda hard to put into words, except that I LOVE doing this and am so thankful for these randomly fantastic opportunities.

Don't worry if you missed it, you can also watch it here!

I'm off to Dallas tonight for a High School friends wedding as well as a little wedding planning of my own. I. Cannot. Wait. And it's pouring in New York, which sets the stage for a dramatic little escape!

Thanks for watching and reading and encouraging. I appreciate YOU more than you know! Thanks!!

Happy early weekend y'all!

2nd Time Around & Giveaway Winners!

Hello hello! Remember this fun opportunity I had a few months ago?

Well....I was invited back to the Nate Show and got to try my hand at a $100 design challenge. The show airs tomorrow, October 27th. Had so much fun on my 2nd time around! 

Find out where its showing in your neck of the woods by going here!


Also! We have our 100cameras Giveaway Winners - Brittany & Stacy! Just shoot me an email at so I can get your addresses. Thanks for participating!!