First comes love, then comes Marriage!

Spent last week with my best friends from college so we could celebrate Ivy's wedding that's rounding the corner! There are 13 of us, and because 7 of the 13 are already married, we wanted to give this bachelorette weekend a different feel. So we themed it out. Like way out.

Welcome to our Junior High Slumber Party!
**All Photos taken by J. Rawlings Photography**

Our focal point. We made paper chains out of scrapbook paper and rigged a pink sheet to become our 'lingerie opening tent!'

We flew Laura in to make our cupcakes.
Kidding. But in all seriousness, she is the best baker.

I used pieces of cardboard and left over fabric to craft the 'Ivy + Drew' centerpiece. I'm all about working with what you have.

For dinner, we picked up dough from Whole Foods and made a variety of pizzas. Soo good.

Drinks: Roy Rojers and Shirley Temples.

Our Junior High Spread of candy, pizza and coke!

Jess and I packaged smore's for later in the evening. What is it about individually wrapped things that is so darn cute?

Oh, we had LeighAnn, the graphic designer of the group, make labels for each item. Her skills are ridiculous.

And here she is. The engaged girl!

I came up with a new rendition of "Spin the Bottle" and LeighAnn made it happen. Ivy spun the bottle, it would land on a face, the person whose face it landed would draw out of a basket filled with questions and answers we asked Drew, if Ivy got it right, she'd spin again, if she got it wrong, she'd have to face the consequences.... ha ha ha! But trust me, the consequences were not bad!

A junior high party isn't complete with out a game of Twister!!

And our group would NOT be the same without our Melanie. She's living in Hong Kong with her husband. We skyped her in :)

It was a fantastic weekend. Thank you Jess for being such a gracious host and Leegs for rolling with the punches. Happy wedding Ivy! I love my friends.

All Photographs taken by Jessica Rawlings of J. Rawlings Photography.

Can you do me a favor?

Want to do me a favor? Pray for our friend Turner's mom - her name is Sissy. She's having surgery in Houston this very moment to remove cancer in her throat. She about 5 feet tall, has a BIG and fun personality and is a woman of tremendous faith.

Instead of flowers, my friends opted for a picture card that she could keep in her room. Sissy got it this morning.

Thanks to our designer friend LeighAnn, who brings these crazy ideas to life!

I'm off to spend the weekend with these friends in South Carolina.
It's Ivy's bachelorette weekend!

The Burton Wedding :: Huntsville Style

A couple of weekends ago, I spent a weekend in Huntsville, Alabama to celebrate the Burton wedding! I could go on and on about things I loved from the weekend. In hopes of you making it through this entire post, I thought I'd limit it to 3 things: Bridesmaid Luncheon, Shari's (Laura's moms) House & The Wedding.

First. The bridesmaid luncheon.

Where: A historical home in Huntsville. Circa 1824. If there was a way to put number in all caps, I would. Is it registering to you that this house was built in 1824??

Observations of this house: It was beautiful. Classic and charming and substantial. The basement housed a giant wood burning fire place that used to be part of the original kitchen. It was actually the first indoor kitchen in the state of Alabama, we learned. The entire downstairs was covered in original cool (in temperature) brick from when the house was built. It kept the whole basement mildly chilly.

The table was perfect and lovely.

Delicious. Darkly stained wood chair and pink and cream ikat upholstery.
Is that ikat? I think it is. Should have asked.


Where: Shari's House.

Observations of this house: Their bungalow gets cuter every time we stop by. Here's a picture of their darling and newly finished kitchen. I have kitchen envy real bad. And if you look to the left of the hydrangeas, you can see Laura, the bride to be!

And a picture of the master bedroom. Right out of House Beautiful.


Where: The Wedding

Observations: Laura's style revolves around natural woods and greenery and her staple dusty teal color. I love this about Laura. And her wedding.

Amazing what wreaths can do.

Oh you know, just some Kate Spade-esque flowers by the guest book.

And some friends.

What a great weekend!

Laura & Ryan Sitting in a tree...

This is my friend Laura.
We lived in the same house in Auburn, Alabama for 2 years in college.
When I think of Laura, I'm reminded of endless amounts of coffee, brownie confections, robins egg blue, textures like burlap and linen, poofs in the back of our pony tails, Anthropologie, New York and felt tip pens.

Laura and Ryan are getting married this weekend, actually in like TWO DAYS!

Oh did I mention she makes cakes? They're beautiful. This girl has a knack for styling - Whether its a cake, or a room, or an outfit, it's always lovely. I was in Birmingham a few weeks ago for some wedding festivities and got to see her adorable bungalow home that she'll share with Ryan once they're married.

This is what I'm talking about. Here's a run of the mill organizational area done in earthy linen's and creams and its adorable.

Early on in college, Ivy and I went home with Laura and got to see her mom's absurdly cute historical (well maybe not technically) home. The first thing we saw, walking up to the house, was a cush little seating area, complete with outdoor lamps and fabrics. Laura's porch area reminds me so much of her mom!

I want a porch.

Check it. This is a chair Laura had in college. She had it re-stuffed, re-covered and shaped to be a touch more modern. How cute is that.

And here they are. Laura & Ryan. Kissing outside of House Number 410.
Can't wait for Saturday!

Going to the chapel...

No, not me. But my best friend Ivy is!

Ivy and Drew got engaged on Friday, July 2nd. A few close friends helped Drew create the perfect proposal ambiance with blue hydrangeas, white roses and lots of candles...

All photos courtesy of Hayley Wiggins. So talented, that one!

A darling couple. And some serious bling.

To think that little Ivy and I met while dancing in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade almost 8 years ago. A story for another time!

And let the wedding planning begin!