Lunch Break

Bridget, my co-worker, and I have started a weekly ritual: During our lunch break, we riffle through the furniture at the Salvation Army across the street from our office. Our co-workers think we're crazy, but we are mildly addicted to the weekly mark downs, the constant warehouse reorganization and the absurd bargains!

Here is a piece we've been eying this week. Very Rachel Ashwell . . .

Now, while we both LOVE this piece, neither of us have the space or the money for it. So instead, lets pretend one of us bought it and now its time to fix it up. Below you'll find paint samples, fabric swatches and metal detailing to fit 3 possible profiles. Since this is all virtual imagining, I don't have to pick one. Ha!

Profile 1: Turner Outlaw. Born and bred southern gal. Currently dating a Florida guy. Lives in Atlanta. Has the most classic, coastal and southern style of anyone I know. Think Garden & Gun. Loves new things made to look old.

Profile 2: Bridget K. Co-Worker. Married. Had DIY flare and high design sensibilities. Born in the Midwest - Now shares a white monochromatic apartment in the flatiron district with her husband. Husband is part Art Director, part Graphic Designer and all boy.

Profile 3: Me! Texas bred. Oldest child. Lover of street merch and anything with character & potential (both in furniture and people.) Living on the Upper West Side + pre-war apartment + 3 Roommates that I adore.

All fabric from Calico Corners, Paint from Behr and Door Details from House of Antique Hardware.

Things I'm loving right now-

1. Paper Mate Ultra Fine Flair:: Forget skinny sharpies. I love these pens. I've stolen a few from work, but shhhh! don't tell.

2. Honey Interiors:: I saw this on Design Sponge today. Eat you heart out.

3. Carrying my iphone WITH OUT a case. Oh, the freedom.

4. Tub of Carmex + lipstick that is too bright = perfectly smooth and warm lip color (Stole this idea from one of my sisters friends and made all my friends wear our lip concoction this weekend. )

5. Friends:: Who come to visit .