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And we continue the apartment tour with my area. Our apartment is a Classic 6 Pre War unit, complete with a living room, dinning room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and maids quarters. Seeing that we have 4 people living here, we've converted the dinning room and maids quarters into bedrooms. I love a good spacial challenge, so I took the quaint 7 x 10 foot maids quarters.

The path to my room is a bit of a corn maze. After walking through the foyer and making a sharp right turn, you end up in what I think of as the 'butlers pantry.' There are huge 8 foot cabinets and the shell of an old dumb waiter. My room is small and I needed to be clever and intentional with this precious space. So I moved a craigslist dresser and all of my shoes into the spot.

I spy shoe storage...

I do like shoes.

I also like bright shiny paint.

Above is the craigslist dresser, a thrift store mirror painted lacquer yellow and a Target lamp.

Now. Lets head to my room.

Most of my room is occupied by my bed, so I've gravitated towards textured layers of white for bedding. The air in New York is dirty and sooty so I bleach often. Fun fun. The bedskirt was a DIY project I crafted with hot glue, hem tape and kelly green Imperial Trellis fabric from Calico Corners. The installation above my bed is a mix of black and white photographs, scrap book paper, tea cup saucers, some of the same yellow paint from above and an Urban Outfitters clock. The faux headboard was a canvas I found in a pile of give away stuff recovered with Ikea fabric.

I went back and forth on posting a picture of my closet. Then I thought, I'd want to see inside a random New York Closet. So here it is. It, like the rest of my room, is tiny. Good thing I like organization and minimalism. All the clothing I own, aside from like 6 bridesmaids dresses that are living out their days of glory in Dallas, are in this apartment. Forces me to keep my wardrobe fresh, tidy and current!

Oh, how I love matchstick blinds. My mom helped me with this curtain! The plaid is from an upholstery store in the Lower East Side and the top print is from Ikea.

I've talked about this desk before, haven't I? I found it walking home with friends one night. It's actually a small set of drawers that were missing the drawers. I know its cheapo birch wood, but the size and shape were perfect for the space I had. After a thorough windexing and crafting of a curtain with a tension rod, I had a functional desk!

There you have it. My apartment! It's not forever, but it's sure a lovely right now.

West 89th Street

Thats where I live. Just got back to my humble little abode from a weekend in Houston filled with family and baseball. Two things I love. Coming back to the city can be hard, though. This time, especially hard. (More on that later) So I thought I'd post a few pictures of what I come home to in this city to help me gear up for the week ahead.

The living room is the first thing you see when you walk in. We're sporting the 3 couch look right now. But hey, it works! We have Jamie to thank for the fabulous coffee table off the street. I'm getting the urge to paint it!

I claimed a few of these baskets that were left over from a photo shoot. Still haven't decided if I should paint them or leave them, but I thought it was a decent space filler for now.

The foyer is the other thing you see upon arrival. It's a work in progress. The bookshelf is from Ikea via craigslist. I have partially fond memories of my mom and old roommate hauling this thing across town. I say partially, because it was so heavy, we about died!

Between the 4 roommates, we have lots of magazines and books. Our small space gets overwhelmed by book covers, so I have the spines facing inward and the pages outward. Call me weird.

Thats the tour for now. My tiny maid's quarters is up next!

Home is...

Freshman year of college. Home was a sterile little dorm room shared with new dear friend. We had a cold tile floor and permanent wood furniture. Plus matching denim comforters and bright flowered sheets. Our suite mate would chemically straighten her hair in our shared bathroom and then wash her dishes in our bathtub. It was dingy and weird, but it was home.

Sophomore year of college was spent in the sorority dorm with my newly solidified friends. We were thrilled to actually have friends and to be over the unavoidable awkwardness of freshman year. Hence, we celebrated and ate our way through the year. 10 sophomore swollen pounds later, Auburn felt like home.

Junior and senior year I hit my stride. Home was 8 girls crammed into a pre-war house on Gay street. Big rooms for living, a sprawling porch for watching, and a tiny galley kitchen that worked best when crowded. This isn't to say that everything was lovely and rose colored the whole time. No. We dealt with life, break ups and sickness. But this house was our little sanctuary right off campus. It was much more than a house. It was our home.

Post college. I shared a one bedroom apartment on the upper east side with a friend from Auburn. We lived above a bagel shop, had the occasional visiting mouse and loved our super Ricardo, who lived upstairs. Nice, as it was, I don't know that I was myself that year. Adjusting to New York and the working world was a lot for me. Even though I didn't feel at home this year, the experience was necessary. How else would I mark the grandness that was (and is) to come?

Now. I've lived on the upper west side with three dear roommates for the past year and a half.
Seems like a dream. Our quirky old apartment is fit with maids quarters and swinging doors for the butlers.We adore our Yugoslovian super Joe and his helper Zoran even if they can't get rid of our mice.There are trees and families and views of the river when you crain your head just far enough out the window.

I feel like myself here. This is my home.

For now.

I should tell you that I have a trickling and hopeful feeling that home may look very different next year. But, for now, I am quite content.

I like writing about home. Has to be good for your soul, right? It's part of a Blog Carnival going on! Enjoy.