I'm in a chair mood.

And a bit of a California mood, too.

Mix equal parts of both and you get the mid-century home furnishing store Room Service in LA. I was doing some Lucite chair research for roommate Lindsay Ann and barged onto the site. This store speaks the same spunky and modern vernacular of many of my favorite blogs.

What fun pieces to liven up a space!

PS: I've had the song "Under the Boardwalk" stuck in my head since yesterday when a homeless man sang his way uptown on my subway car. This is really here nor there. Just thought you should know.


It was just days ago that I stood in a carpet warehouse picking out flooring for the first time in my life. I felt small. And overwhelmed. But in a good way. 

I'm overwhelmed by the provision and opportunities in my life.
Overwhelmed by a best friend who meets me in Cali just to spend a few morning and evening hours with me. Who lets me decompress and always affirms.
Overwhelmed by 13 friends who sweetly plead for updates.
Overwhelmed by family that cheers on from a distance. 
I'm overwhelmed by all of it. 
But in a good way.

I've been back in New York for less than 24 hours after a week in Los Angeles. A full to the brim, once in a lifetime kinda week. One that leaves me bright eyed and hopeful. Ever wish a sunburn would linger a moment more so you can remember the feel of vacation on your skin? Thats how I feel about this recent trip to LA. Maybe if I keep my sketches and plane tickets strewn about, it will linger just a bit longer...