Happy Birthday Brooklyn Boy!


Top 10 Favorite Things about Brooklyn Boy:

• You are the most uninhibited person I know. More than Erin, which says a lot!

• You make everything fun.

• You are obsessed with games. I now have a deep appreciation for Rummy and Settlers of Catan thanks to you - and, well, the whole Villio Family.

• You love people well. Like, really well.

• You can do cool accents, which makes for great story telling.

• You are bold. It's rare that you shy away from anything. Including a girl wearing a Sparkle Vest....

• You have a deep rooted faith and are a leader. You lead decisively and kindly.

• You can beat box!! I know it makes you awkward that I love this skill so much, and that I demand beat boxing in front of people. But I just love it!

• You make me laugh so hard. Often to the point of tears rolling down my cheeks.

• You indulge me in my addiction to Sonic Ice and fun (mostly non-alcoholic) drinks. But who are we kidding, you love good ice just as much as I do.


Love you bud! Happy happy birthday!!