Q Women + A DIY // Part 1


A little over a week ago, I had the total honor of speaking at Q Ideas annual women's event. Brooklyn Boy (aka Lance) took a job with Q earlier this year and we have recently moved to Nashville as part of that job. To say he loves working there would be an understatement!

Brooklyn Boy (do you think I need to change his name since we don't live in Brooklyn any more?) and his team thought (for some crazy reason) that I'd be a good DIY addition to their lineup of women speaking. I was tasked with coming up with DIY centerpieces + a simple variation for all the women in attendance to complete as well as talking about Why We Love DIY. 

Coming out of maternity hibernation, this project / assignment was a welcomed challenge! Right out of the gate, I thought the DIY for the event would be a synch. But after some initial brainstorming I realized that I had no power source for hot glue guns at each table (Hello almost ALL DIY projects), there little drying time available for any paint/glue, and we needed to keep this CHEAP, as there were over 300 women attending. After lots of thinking and troubleshooting with Brooklyn Boy, we came up with a project that uses supplies most of you have around your house :: A puff paint + Spray painted vase! I would have laughed had you told me this would be the project we landed on, but you know what, it turned out to be a super easy project that looked great once it was finished! Sneak peek right here -->

While I was prepping and creating the centerpieces, I had time to really think about Why I Love DIY. It was a great exercise to remember why we love the craft of DIY. In hopes of not getting to lengthy here, I'm splitting this into 3 posts. Tomorrow, I will share the 3 reasons we love DIY and Friday, I'll follow up with the easy How To instructions as well as before and after photos for the DIY. Hope you stick around!