A Shower Curtain :: 4 Ways

I had NO idea I would get so much mileage out of a Waverly Damask shower curtain from Target. I knew it was a cute thick fabric (not a vinyl shower curtain, fyi), but did I think I would find 4 different ways to use it? Heck no. Thanks to my crafty mom and sister, this thing has been all over my apartment. I will show you.
Here it is from the Target website. 

Use 1. As an actual shower curtain. Which I did in my first apartment on the Upper East Side. Functional and adorable. (You can reference the above picture for Use 1.) 

Use 2. As sort of coverlet on an all white day bed. C-Flo had the idea and it gave my bed some much needed sprucing. (Sidenote: My room has matured A LOT since this picture.)

Use 3: As a curtain. I found this Ralph Laurenish plaid canvas from some fabric store on the Lower East Side. When it was time to re-purpose the shower curtain yet again, I thought, "Hey, why not as an actual curtain?" Gave my window a much heartier feel. Can you see it peeking behind the plaid?

Use 4. As a desk skirt. I found this desk in a discarded pile on the street about a week ago. If you know me at all, you know I love furniture off the street. Anyways. The desk isn't fancy, pretty invisible actually. Turns out its a dresser, with no drawers. Ha. Who cares, looks like a desk to me! Turner, Erin and Jamie helped carry it home.  With a $5 tension rod and a little snipping, I shortened the shower curtain  into a desk skirt. Really cleans the desk up, don't you think?

Sorry about the awful pictures. They will just have to do.

There you have it. Who would of thought a shower curtain could do so much!