Benny Boy

Little brother Benny turns 20 today!

Look at that punk.
And his sister from Jersey Shore. Ha.

John Bennett Flora, the youngest and only boy of the 3 Flora kids, is twenty. My goodness!

This is the kid who at the age of 3, would come into my room at night and say "Hannah... can I sleep in your bed?"

7 year old Hannah would reply "Ben. Ugh. Go ask Gracie first."

Little Benny would shuffle over to 5 year old Gracie's room.
After a few moments of silence, I would hear, "BEN. Get out of my room!"

Feeling a little sad and guilty that I had sent such a helpless kid into the lions den, I would let him sleep in my bed. This routine went on for at least a year.

This is also the kid who had more head injuries than you could count on one hand before the age of 10.

Also the kid who turned out to be pretty good at baseball.

Oh, and yep, the same kid that hates talking on the phone but has the most dry and clever wit when he finally gets to talking.

All this to say, I love this little brother of mine, quirks and all.
Happy Birthday John Bennett!

Happy Birthday Gracie!

*Only Gracie would be a teacher with red lipstick and big hair in her glamor shot.

Little sister, Grace Kendall, is turning 23 today! I know she is cringing at that picture. But her 3rd grade glamor shot is just so darn cute, how could I NOT include it! I think it's only fitting to list the 23 things I love most about her:

1. your black and white honesty
2. your willingness to peruse garage & estate sales (with me)
3. your determination to have our own (now annual) garage sale
4. your love for big hair and the perfect revlon lipstick
5. your not so small obsession with our cats
6. your unbelievable knack for interiors and decorating
7. your sensibility for minimalism
8. your heart for others
9. your fierce independence
10. your healthy dependence
11. your liking to our West Texas grandmother's funny sayings
12. your drive to always work hard and finish strong (probably more than anyone else I know)
13. your consistent ability to put together darling outfits
14. your thriftyness (in clothes, decor and random target finds)
15. your sometimes trashy, always entertaining, love for reality tv
16. your love for the flora family - quirks and all
17. your decisive and bold nature
18. your savyness in the kitchen
19. your sweet faith
20. your hilarious and adorable college friends
21. your friendships with my college friends
22. our love for before and after 80's movies, you know like Overboard, Swiss Family Robinson, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, My Father the Hero....
23. And the thing that I love the most, is that I get to have you as a little sister.

Happy Birthday Gracie!