Quickie Halloween Decor

"Necessity is the mother of invention." 

- Plato via Wynonna Ryder a la Jo, of Little Women.  

I've watched Little Women 3 times during this season of recovery. I will never get tired of that movie. I really should read the book. As the movie opens you hear Jo, one of the sisters, talking about the winter and the hardship that the war has brought. She says that "Necessity is the mother of invention", a thought that has stuck with me over the past few days. 

On a much smaller (non-war) scale, my projects birthed out of necessity are my absolute favorite and seemingly most natural (for me). Funny enough, I prefer my projects done behind the scenes, on a whim, and within restrictions (limited budget + time + resources). I find the results are more smart, clever and fun then when I'm trying HARD to conjure up content you've probably already read on some other blog. 

4 pumpkins before.jpg

All that to say, "Necessity is the mother of invention" is the spirt of my very last minute pumpkin decorating that happened earlier this afternoon :)

Brooklyn Boy and I are slowly returning to normalcy, with me still home all day crutching/hobbling around. We missed the boat on apple & pumpkin picking upstate with friends, so instead, I improvised. I ordered 4 pumpkins off of Fresh Direct with the rest of my groceries (Fresh Direct has SAVED my life these past 3 weeks. I place my oder online and everything is delivered the next day. Magic!

I've had these 4 pumpkins sitting on my countertop for a week now. 

I rooted through my fabulously organized craft bin (totally thanks to my mom, not my  organization skills) and pulled out some brass tacks, mailbox labels and fabric. Ended up only using the tacks and sticky mailbox labels.

materials before.jpg

I started with the brass thumb tacks and ended up attacking all 4 pumpkins with them! I used super simple designs - polka dots, letter V for our last name and lets see what else . . .

2 pumpkins done.jpg

I used the sticky mailbox label letters (that I use all the time) to spell BOO!! and lastly, went for the classic jack-o-lantern look.

closer up of mantle.jpg

Legitimately, decorating all 4 pumpkins took 10 minutes total and it was no carve! I.E. there was ZERO mess to clean up. 

Lesson of the day: Let necessity drive your creativity and don't fret if you haven't even thought about Halloween! Grab some pumpkins and thumbtacks and go crazy! You could paint your pumpkin a fun color first, or even paint the thumb tacks different colors - if you have the time :)  Hope this quickie craft and iphone documentation gives you the freedom to not have it all together. Happy Fall!