Lamps - Jaclyn Smith Style

When you don't have a Target or Walmart, you make do. But I have to say, Kmart is a hidden gem in the city. I stopped by last night, grabbed a diet coke from the the front and slowly combed the store in a post-work 'let's pretend I live in a normal city' trans. I made it to the lamp section where I saw these baby's.

Cute, right? I thought so! I know the elephant one is a little crazy, but there is something neat about it! All the Jaclyn Smith lamps were $50 and under. Along with her clothes, curtains and dishware, she seems to know what she's doing at Kmart!

I think my tan is fading.

I've mentioned this before. One of my favorite parts to any beach trip or vacation is coming home with the tinge of sunburn still on your skin. A week after my trip with the Outlaw family to a little island in the Caribbean and I can barely remember the prickle of red hot skin on my shoulders. Truly one of the most generous families I know and undoubtedly one of the most memorable vacations to date!

This is Turner. She's a dear college friend. I know it looks like we are standing in front of an ocean & banister backdrop. You know, the kind they'd have on a Carnival Cruise ship. But, this is in fact the view from our hotel room. Has it already been a week since we were there??

Aside from the views, the pool, the kind staff and delicious food....(I'm cutting this list off before it gets absurd)... I loved the ambiance of the outdoor bar and lounge area. Around 8pm every night, the sun would set on the ocean, leaving us surrounded by crispy mid-western couples and candle light. There were a variety of lanterns strung between the palm trees and plenty of mod rattan seating.

Makes me wonder if I could take lighting cues from our hotel and transfer them onto a roof top project I'm working on. Here are a few lantern options I'm considering.

White and aluminum lanterns - Ikea
Colorful lanterns - Z Gallerie