Q Women + DIY Part 3

If you're new to this series, you can catch up on Part 1 and Part 2!

Now, lets get to the DIY! Just to recap, I was tasked with coming up with a project that would act as the Q Women centerpieces for 50 tables as well as an actual DIY that over 300 women could complete. It had to be something simple but substantial and CHEAP. 

Brooklyn Boy helped me brainstorm and we landed on Puff Paint Vases. Sounds a little tacky/crafty doesn't it? Turns out, if you pick a simple modern design, your final product will look FAR from tacky! Lets jump in to our 3 step / 3 supply DIY:

You'll need 3 craft supplies: 

  • puff paint (can be found in the T-Shirt design section of any craft store. Any color will work because you'll ultimately spray paint over it.)
  • clear glass vase (could be a bowl, vase, votive, etc. whatever you have on hand)
  • spray paint (we used my favorite - Krylon's Gold Metallic. It is AMAZING.)

Lets get to it! 

Step 1: Choose your vase. We used round bubble ball vases for the centerpieces.

Step 2: Choose a simple pattern to carefully (but quickly, because you don't want to over think it or be too precious) cover the vase with in puff paint. Keep in mind, the puff paint can be any color, you will ultimately cover it with spray paint. Here are two examples! 

The key with these vases is to pick one pattern and evenly cover. Repetition creates the look of intentionality! 

The key with these vases is to pick one pattern and evenly cover. Repetition creates the look of intentionality! 

The puff paint can take up to 4 hours to dry.

The puff paint can take up to 4 hours to dry.

Step 3: Once the puff paint is completely dry, evenly spray the vase with thin layers of spray paint. Make sure you're in a well ventilated area and have a good surface to spray on (i.e. a cardboard box or drop cloth). I used gold for our centerpieces, but you could use any color of your liking. Here's what the spray paint process looked like: 

This project is super easy and fairly fool proof. I loved the final result, especially once I started experimenting with different puff paint patterns. One of the great things about this DIY is it's versatility. You could easily apply the same puff paint + spray paint combination to a Christmas ornament, decanter, pitcher, etc. So many possibilities!

Once we puff painted + spray painted all 50 vases, we loaded them with flowers and placed them throughout the venue. All flowers and bubble vases were sourced from Roy Houff Wholesale flowers in Nashville - affordable supplies, really kind staff for all you Nashville people! Smaller glass votives were purchased from the Pete Garcia company.

I had a ball putting the DIY together and loved the opportunity to talk to the Q ladies about why we love DIY. Remember, DIY Challenges us to use what we have, guarantees a perfectly imperfect result and gives us the opportunity to try something new!


Q Women + A DIY // Part 1


A little over a week ago, I had the total honor of speaking at Q Ideas annual women's event. Brooklyn Boy (aka Lance) took a job with Q earlier this year and we have recently moved to Nashville as part of that job. To say he loves working there would be an understatement!

Brooklyn Boy (do you think I need to change his name since we don't live in Brooklyn any more?) and his team thought (for some crazy reason) that I'd be a good DIY addition to their lineup of women speaking. I was tasked with coming up with DIY centerpieces + a simple variation for all the women in attendance to complete as well as talking about Why We Love DIY. 

Coming out of maternity hibernation, this project / assignment was a welcomed challenge! Right out of the gate, I thought the DIY for the event would be a synch. But after some initial brainstorming I realized that I had no power source for hot glue guns at each table (Hello almost ALL DIY projects), there little drying time available for any paint/glue, and we needed to keep this CHEAP, as there were over 300 women attending. After lots of thinking and troubleshooting with Brooklyn Boy, we came up with a project that uses supplies most of you have around your house :: A puff paint + Spray painted vase! I would have laughed had you told me this would be the project we landed on, but you know what, it turned out to be a super easy project that looked great once it was finished! Sneak peek right here -->

While I was prepping and creating the centerpieces, I had time to really think about Why I Love DIY. It was a great exercise to remember why we love the craft of DIY. In hopes of not getting to lengthy here, I'm splitting this into 3 posts. Tomorrow, I will share the 3 reasons we love DIY and Friday, I'll follow up with the easy How To instructions as well as before and after photos for the DIY. Hope you stick around!