I've run out of people for you to meet...

Wow. So you've met the 13. That came and went awfully quickly. I should probably recap Meet My Crew. But that seems like a lot of effort for this Monday morning.

I took a whirlwind trip to Boston this weekend to visit a good friend of mine who is finishing up her senior year at Harvard. Jetblue was having a $12 sale. What could I do?

We started with a tour of the campus around Cambridge. The weather was beautiful and crispy. We ate the most delicious little (actually not little at all) brunch at Aquitaine French Bistro in Boston. We had a ridiculous array of morning beverages. You know, bottomless coffee, orange juice, water and an Aquitaine Bloody Mary. Our table was crowded with juice filled glasses, little cinnamon rolls, omelette's and toast. Oh, it was tasty!

After our food coma subsided, we toured Boston and the adorable Newberry street. We had hopes of going on a Duck Tour but didn't have the time or $36 to spend. So we were off to Beacon Hill. We briefly (and accidentally) passed through a "Legalize Marajuana" festival of some sort in Boston Commons. What a crowd! But I think the emo and skater, "Legalize M Festival", as one bystander called it, made Beacon Hill all the more charming. The houses and brick streets were right out of a movie.

The rest of our day was spent with friends. We ate greek food, discussed politics and hit up a few college parties (oh my!). I feel old. But, I had a ball. So now, I'm wiped out. Onto the week ahead.